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Plinko has emerged as a popular online casino game that is favored by both new and crypto casinos. This game offers an attractive return percentage, making it a popular choice for players. Plinko was inspired by the famous TV series, “The Price is Right”, where a ball is dropped into the Plinko Pyramid to land on different cones that offer varying prizes. 

The game principle is straightforward, and players can adjust their risk level and the number of lines on which to play. Players can either play Plinko manually or set it to automatic and place as many bets as they want.

Plinko has gained immense popularity among online casino players, and many of the best online casinos now offer this game. Although Plinko is relatively easy to play, players are encouraged to understand the rules and various ways of playing to increase their chances of winning. The game also offers customization options, allowing players to adjust their bets, risks, and the number of lines they want to play to suit their preferences.

Overall, Plinko is a fun and exciting game that has become a fan favorite among online casino enthusiasts.Betting on Plinko involves dropping the ball and waiting for it to land on the prize odds. With Plinko’s straightforward gameplay and attractive return to player percentage, it is no surprise that it is becoming a favorite of online casino players. Check out the list of online casinos that offer Plinko to try your luck at this engaging game.

What is the risk level in Plinko?

Risk levels are an important aspect of playing Plinko at online casinos. If you choose to play at a low risk level, you will have a better chance of winning, as only the middle prize in the pyramid is a losing outcome. However, the tradeoff is that your chances of winning higher amounts are lower, as the outermost outcome only pays out 5.6x the bet on 8 lines.

When opting for medium risk, the middle three options result in a loss, increasing the chances of losing. However, the outermost prizes already offer a 13x multiplier on 8 lines, providing players with a greater opportunity to win bigger payouts.

If you prefer high risk, the reward for middle outcomes may decrease, but as you move further away from the edges, the reward multiplier increases. This approach is recommended for players who are willing to take more risks in order to win bigger payouts.


Ranks in Plinko

The rank or level in Plinko can be customized by changing the number of lines from 8 to 16. With the 8-row setting, the pegs are arranged in 8 rows, and there are 9 possible final results. As the number of rows increases, the number of rewards also increases, but the likelihood of winning the top prize decreases. Playing with more lines can result in higher multipliers. However, if you choose to play with 16 lines, the chances of winning the highest prize are slim, but the multiplier for hitting it is a massive 1000x. By reducing the number of lines, the probability of winning is lower, but you can still score decent payouts by adjusting the risk level.

What prizes can I win with Plinko?

The amount of prizes a player receives in Plinko depends on the number of lines and level of risk chosen. When playing with low risk and 8 lines, prizes are set at 5.6x, 2.1x, 1.1x, 1x, and 0.5x, ensuring a win of at least the bet amount, except for the middle result. Increasing the rows to 10 at low risk adds two more results with prizes of 8.9x, 3x, 1.4x, 1.1x, 1x, and 0.5x, with the prizes on either side of the middle result remaining unchanged.

As you increase the risk level, the multiplier for the highest rewards also increases. For instance, playing with 16 lines at high risk can earn you a maximum multiplier of 1000x. However, in such a case, you need to consider that the prize of all the middle rows is also counted, and the number of losing outcomes increases.

What return rate does Plinko have?

Plinko offers an impressive theoretical return rate of 99%, making it a highly profitable game compared to most online casino games. It has one of the highest winning percentages and outperforms many slot games, with only a few table games able to match its payout rate. The game’s volatility can be adjusted to your liking, giving you the freedom to decide whether you prefer low or high risk bets and how many lines you want to play with. And if you’re feeling lucky and looking to hit a huge jackpot, you can aim for the 1000x multiplier by playing with 16 lines and a high-risk level.

Frequently asked Questions about Plinko

What is Plinko?

Plinko is a popular game in online casinos, named after the game from the popular TV show “The Price is Right”. In the game, players drop a ball down a pegged board, and the ball bounces through a series of pegs until it lands in a slot at the bottom of the board.

How do I play Plinko?

To play Plinko, you first need to select your bet amount and the number of lines you want to play. Then, you drop the ball and watch as it bounces through the pegs. Depending on where the ball lands, you’ll receive a prize.

What is the objective of Plinko?

The objective of Plinko is to get the ball to land in the slot at the bottom of the board that offers the highest prize. The prizes for each slot vary depending on the number of lines and your chosen risk level.

What is the risk level in Plinko?

The risk level in Plinko determines the multiplier for the prizes. Playing at a low risk level means you have a higher chance of winning smaller prizes, while playing at a high risk level means you have a lower chance of winning, but the potential prizes are much larger.

How many lines can I play in Plinko?

You can choose to play Plinko with either 8 or 16 lines. The more lines you play, the higher the potential prizes, but the lower your chances of winning.

What is the return rate for Plinko?

Yes, it’s possible to win a jackpot in Plinko by playing with 16 lines and high risk. The jackpot prize is a whopping 1000x multiplier, but the chances of hitting it are very small.

Can I win a jackpot in Plinko?

Yes, it’s possible to win a jackpot in Plinko by playing with 16 lines and high risk. The jackpot prize is a whopping 1000x multiplier, but the chances of hitting it are very small.

Is Plinko a game of skill or luck?

Plinko is primarily a game of luck, as the path of the ball is determined by chance. However, choosing your risk level and the number of lines can also impact your potential winnings.